David Samuel is an artist and designer known for his abstract style of painting. Born in 1980, David has been creating, showing and selling his work for over 20 years.

In 2003 David led the way in an emerging scene and opened the UK’s first graffiti art gallery, ‘RareKind’; where he held gallery shows for some of the country’s most recognised and respected graffiti artists. David later went on to also open a hand-pulled screen print studio, producing prints of RareKind artists’ work while also curating and designing for various brands.

Rarekind went on to become the thriving Creative Agency it is now, with a dedicated team of artists, sign-writers and craftspeople, headed up by David, working across a huge spectrum of creative and commercial projects. 

As well as the agency, David also continues his prolific work as an artist in his own right. He has shown his work in exhibitions and created numerous public works particularly in and around his home city of London.

From his thriving creative studio space in North Acton, (fast becoming one of London’s newest creative hot spots), David’s abstract designs continue to captivate and inspire his audience, showcasing his unique talent and passion. 

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